Ecuador is one of the top countries in terms of biodiversity and sightseeing within a few miles of distance. A twin chain of mountains and volcanos cuts it from north to south. The Pacific rim is bathed by warm currents that make its beaches enjoyable. Tropical rainforest guards a priceless biological heritage. Indigenous communities, who have treasured ancestral traditions and ceremonies until present time, inhabit almost every region. Quito is the Capital City and has been designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site, as was Cuenca, the third most important city of Ecuador. Guayaquil, the main port, is an industrial city with a population of 2 million people. Most cities of Ecuador are proud of their colonial style architecture, but they also have modern and sophisticated buildings, the mix makes their best.

APEX gives you the opportunity to experience the Ecuadorian Culture in depth, by living in Ecuador and learning Spanish through different programs:

  1. Cultural Exchange Program.
  2. Spanish Intensive Course.
  3. Eco-Adventure Programs.

A local coordinator will always be ready to assist you during the program. You will be able to contact APEX for a direct assistance through a 24 hour emergency phone number. The local coordinator will evaluate your experience periodically, and APEX will report it to the sending organization. APEX organizes an orientation meeting to help you to have a better understanding of the new culture and make your experience the best one. All APEX students will receive a complete cultural orientation the first day attending an APEX program in order to ensure success.